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about me

My name is Dora Jurisic, and I am a Croatian born and raised Associate Marriage and Family therapist that can also provide therapy in Croatian and Serbian. I am located in Hermosa Beach, CA for in person sessions and offer TELEHEALTH/online sessions to clients across California.


I have Bachelor’s of Arts in Communication with a minor in Business, a Master’s of Science in Marital and Family Therapy, and a special training in Conflict Resolution and Mediation. In addition to extensive experience working with children (including children with special needs) and their parents, I have worked with a wide range of presenting issues during my time at a non-profit mental health agency before moving into private practice. 

I grew up dancing and acting, which have complimented my fascination with storytelling. I often think of life as a play, such as in words of William Shakespeare, “All the world is a stage”.


Although we ought to be our own director, at times we are not, and often we are placed into a role that lends us to believe that we have no power in controlling our script. We are pushed to dance and talk a certain way that is not congruent with our vision and expectations. I hope that via our work together, we can place you in the rightful director’s chair in the play of your life, such that you are able to understand the narrative you have about yourself, the narrative others have placed onto you, and the narrative that you wish to author. 

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