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my approach

I believe that problems happen when our expectations do not match our realties. Time and again people blame themselves or others into believing something is wrong with them and that THEY are indeed the problem. This inability to separate person-from-problem facing creates an assortment of negative stories that impact our emotions, relationships, and self-esteem. 

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In therapy we focus on three steps to a solution.

First, we realize that those negative stories are not the only stories about your lived experience. Second, we stop actively engaging in those negative stories that do not accurately represent your lived experience and begin to focus on the positive stories which highlight your strengths and achievements. Third, we rewrite your dominant narrative to rightfully include those positive stories to create a realistic story of yourself and your life. This results in the realization that people are people and problems are problems; your problems are not who you are; they are just obstacles that happen to everyone. We all are just people who live our lives and occasionally encounter unusual and difficult life experiences.

My style is direct, strengths-based, person-centered, and creative. In a session, the client is the expert of their life and I, as the therapist, play a few roles to facilitate the client’s journey. I am a co-author: helping you bring life to the stories that don’t align with the description of your problem saturated stories. I am a guide on your journey of self-discovery and self-actualization: helping you figure out what stories you want to have about your life and how to get there. Finally, I am a teacher: helping you identify your emotions and unmet needs and finding constructive ways of communicating them. 

I utilize:




Internal Family Systems

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Art and Drama Therapy

Somatic Mindfulness

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